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Navigating complex compliance for renewable fuel blenders
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Connections to suppliers
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Increase Fuel Profit Margins and reduce staff time with our RIN Management Software and Marketing Services
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The Alternative Fuels Council markets and advises on RIN management and alternative fuel blending for biodiesel, ethanol, and heating oil.

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Industry-leading software, shaped by the leading fuel policy advocates in Washington

We strive to be the leading provider of RIN management software, through consulting, education, and expertise on fuel experience and public policy in Washington. Our policy team puts you on the cutting edge of the latest government updates.

Why should I blend renewable fuels?

  • Increase Fuel Margins with Incentives Available to you
  • Reduce GHG Emissions
  • Support US Fuel Independence

How do I manage renewable fuel blending and RINs

  • Understand the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program
  • Obtain RINs
  • Blend renewable fuels
  • Track RINS
  • Report compliance

How do I start blending renewable fuels?

The Alternative Fuels Council team will connect you to renewable fuel supply options, equipment, and the tools to optimize renewable fuel blending at your operation. We can assist you with your EPA registration as well as guide you through IRS registration. Finding supply does not mean you should blend. We work with our members and Clients to determine if all incentives (state and federal) are available and that the blending economics are positive.

Meet the Alternative Fuels Council Team.

Alternative Fuels Council Team


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