A better way to manage your RINs.

RFS RIN Management

To compete in the transportation fuel industry, companies must have access to economic variables which can increase fuel margins and create competitive advantages. This online program focuses on EPA’s renewable identification numbers (RINs) as well as the IRS Blender’s Tax Credit and provides customized technologies to reduce compliance complexities and labor hours.

Expert staff and compliance solutions designed for your company needs.

State and Federal Fuel Policy

We maintain working relationships with state and federal regulators as well as legislators. This allows us to expedite compliance needs and removes hurdles created by red tape. We advocate on local and federal levels for your business.

Fuel Incentive Programs (EPA, IRS, LCFS)

Whether you are working with RINs, IRS or your state low carbon fuel standard – our team will help you manage and determine compliance as well as how these incentives may be applied to improve your fuel margins.

Alternative Fuel Supply and Logistics

Bringing new fuels into your business takes new relationships with new suppliers. Our team can help connect you to quality suppliers available in your area who will most benefit your needs – from fuel to infrastructure needs and incentives.

Compliance Requirements and Registrations

The Alternative Fuels Council can help you become registered with the EPA under the Renewable Fuel Standard and get you started with your IRS Blender’s License registration.

RIN/Credit Marketing

Just as relationships are needed with fuel suppliers, they are also needed with RIN Buyers. We have the right connections to sell your RINs/credits with your specifications.

A fully integrated RIN credit System of Record.

Primary Node for EMTS

The AFC RIN Management Application communicates with EPA’s Moderated Transaction System (EMTS) via a node approved by the EPA. This communication is performed at maximum frequency to ensure your transactions are submitted and received as quickly as possible.

No EMTS Interfacing Required by Users

With our application, your day-to-day business will never require you to interact with EMTS directly. This drastically reduces the unnecessary amount of time spent managing your RINs, allowing you to purchase, blend, and sell RINs in as little as a couple of minutes.

Complete Reporting and Auditing Provided

Built into our RIN Management Application, all quarterly and annual reporting is performed by AFC staff alongside a third-party auditor with minimal correspondence required.

Customizable Metadata

Our application is equipped to handle metadata wherever you may need it. Need to track a supply contract or want to track the value of the RINs you purchased? Metadata can be applied to any of your RINs to fit your business needs.

Historic RIN Value Reporting

See current and historic RIN pricing information from the moment you log in or work with staff for a more in-depth look at the RIN market.

Staff Assistance at Your Fingertips

AFC staff is at your fingertips with any questions you may have. Need help submitting transactions? Marketing your RINs? Downloading report? We’re here to help.