Heating Oil/Bioheat®

Heating Oil/Bioheat®

Heating oil delivery

The heating oil industry has worked to reduce sulfur content of heating oil by blending it with biodiesel. This heating oil and biodiesel blend is referred to as Bioheat®. Bioheat® fuel is a blend of biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating fuel that can be used right now to reduce carbon emissions. Bioheat® can be used in existing home heating fuel systems – it does not require expensive conversions.

Blending Heating Oil with Biodiesel

Heating oil truck at rail yard

Bioheat® fuel must use biodiesel that has met ASTM 6751 when blended with heating oil. There are three tiers of Bioheat® currently offered:

Bioheat® fuel: Blends ranging from 2% to 5% biodiesel (B2–B5)

Bioheat Plus® fuel: Blends ranging from 5% to 20% biodiesel (B5–B20)

Bioheat Super Plus® fuel: Blends with 20% biodiesel and above (B20+)

The Federal Renewable Fuel Standard allows for RINs to be transferred and sold when blending biodiesel with heating oil. If you are a heating oil supplier, contact us today to find a biodiesel supplier and learn how to potentially maximize your bottom line.