Meet your alternative fuels support and technical expert staff.

We exist so that everyone interested in blending biofuels has the opportunity to improve fuel margins without the worry and time spent on compliance tasks. We’re the only provider of RIN Management software that is continually advocating and evolving for our customers in Washington. Our policy team is one of the leading fuel advocates in the US.

We are committed to helping businesses and individuals transition to sustainable energy sources, and our RIN Management software is just one of the many tools we offer to achieve this goal.

RINs, or Renewable Identification Numbers, are credits that are generated when biofuels are produced or imported into the United States. These credits can then be sold to obligated parties, such as oil refineries, who use them to comply with the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Our RIN Management software is designed to help businesses maximize the value of their RINs and turn them into a profitable revenue stream.

Our team of experts has years of experience in the alternative fuel industry and understands the complexities of RIN management. We have developed a user-friendly software solution that simplifies the process of tracking, managing, and monetizing your RINs. With our software, you can easily manage your RIN portfolio and monitor market trends.

Our RIN Management software is designed to help businesses of all sizes, from small independent operators to large fleets. We understand that every business has unique needs, so we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our team is always available to provide support and answer any questions you may have, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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Operations Team

Ginger Laidlaw

Vice President

Ginger has worked with renewable fuel blenders and their RINs for over a decade.  Prior to RINs, Ginger worked as an environmental specialist for FEMA and as a groundwater professional/environmental consultant for 11 years.  Ginger’s role with the Alternative Fuels Council includes assisting members of NATSO, the truck stop and travel plaza community, and other fuel retailers across the US in navigating the complex compliance requirements of state and federal fuel regulations, including the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and Clean Fuels Program (CFP).  Whether it’s finding renewable fuel supply, helping manage and market your RINs through the online RIN management tool and industry connections, or compliance reporting and audits, Ginger works hard for her clients to support the success of their business.  Ginger also supports emerging fuels markets by participating in technical advisory groups for hydrogen and EVs and engaging with developing regional low-carbon fuel initiatives. 

Steven Hove

IT Developer/Systems and Account Mgr

Steven Hove has been with the Alternative Fuels Council since its inception in 2018. Specializing in I.T. and business analytics, Steven manages and assists in developing Alt Fuel’s RIN Management Software alongside the day-to-day business of Alt Fuels. This includes RIN pricing analytics and quarterly reporting.

Policy Team

David Fialkov

Executive Vice President of Government Affairs

David has been on the cutting edge of fuel policy since 2009. He currently leads one of the most active fuel policy teams in Washington’s legal strategy on a range of issues including transportation, energy, labor, data security, payment systems, and taxes. He provides in-person advocacy before policymakers, draft comments to federal agencies, legislation and related messaging materials, hearing testimony, and amicus curiae briefs to federal courts. 

LeeAnn Goheen

Senior Director of Government Affairs

LeeAnn has been involved in public affairs in Washington since 2008. She meets with Congress and officials in the executive branch on matters relating to transportation, energy, financial services, environmental, and labor issues. 

Jessi Frend

Senior Policy Advisor

Jessi began her career in public policy in 2006 and has advised a broad range of clients on legislative and regulatory matters, including energy, tax, commerce, telecommunications, and financial services.

Thereza Cevidanes

Manager, Government Affairs

Thereza began her Washington public policy career as a Congressional Intern in 2018. She currently assists the team with national and regional fuel policy issues.

Marketing, Content, and Public Relations

Andrew Evans

Vice President, Marketing and Branding

Andrew has led marketing strategies and campaigns since 2004. He’s worked in several industries including highway fuel, aviation, manufacturing, environmental testing, and more. He has an MBA from North Carolina State University, with a Marketing and Consumer Behavior emphasis.

Amy Toner

Executive Director, NATSO Foundation

Amy has worked with fuel retailers since 2006. She has interviewed countless fuel providers and retail fuel partners and produced content strategies to meet their educational needs. Her current content production includes blogs, video, a fuel retailing podcast, and a quarterly fuel retail magazine.

Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman

Vice President, Public Affairs

Tiffany has led communication strategies for matters that impact highway matters since 2001. She leads public relations and public advocacy for one of the most active fuel advocacy teams in Washington.

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